Cash For Clothes

We will pay you for your designer clothes. We’ve all had those “What was I thinking?” moments when we pull an outfit out of the closet. You know the one. That little number someone convinced you to buy, even though you knew it was the wrong size. Or that shirt you got for your birthday that’s totally not your style anymore. Sell us your stuff! We’ll buy those Rag & Bone jeans and that Wilfred silk top. Use the money you get for whatever you want. How about more clothes!

Kids growing? They do that. Sell us their outgrown sleepers, active wear, skinny jeans and tees. And by the way, if you have boys and they don’t trash their clothes, we’d love to meet you! Our customers can never find enough apparel for boys, especially those rowdy toddlers.

At Twice the Fun and Revolver we offer you cash or consignment. What is consignment? Keep in mind we buy and sell current designer labels. The good stuff. Not Wal-Mart. Not that sweater and jeans everyone had to have 5 years ago. No junk allowed. We can’t always buy everything that comes in, but to make sure your stuff ranks at the top, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Styles must be current.
  • Make sure everything has been recently washed. We hate smoke!
  • Check for any uncool rips or stains. (The ones you didn’t pay extra for.)
  • Do not simply shove everything into a garbage bag. Clothes should be neatly folded. Remember what your mom told you about first impressions? She was right.

What is consignment?

Basically this means we will try to get you the most bang for your buck. You earn 40% of the selling price once your items sell. Every consignor gets her own account. Our store uses a custom consignment program that tracks inventory and sales in real time, so you can call in and check on your account any time to see how much money you’re making! And best of all, you can take your money in cash or spend it in the store. That part is up to you.

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